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Welcome to the FREE content section. The follow are categories of free videos and articles.Enjoy and you are welcome to send us suggestions on content you would like to see.

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Cheri's Crystals

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1 Cheri's Crystals Series

Cheri Meineke-Johnson shares her passion and secrets behind the quilting industry's crystal obsession she began years ago!

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American & Efrid
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1 A Tale of Thread

Follow this instructive series of videos that discusses and brings to light the wonderful world of thread - showing you how it's made at the American & Efird plant.

- 12147


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1 Gammill Plus Machine Intstructional (Original Stitch-Regulator)

Take a step back to the original Stitch-Regulator for Gammill Quilting Systems in these classic instructional videos. There are even useful for those who own other models and brands. Check 'em out!

- 23146
2 Gammill Self-Help

A series of videos that provide self-help to system assembly. More to come!

- 5782
3 Vision By Gammill Instuctional Videos

Gammill Quilting Systems introduced the "Vision" machines not long ago. Not join Linda V. Taylor as she covers all the basics of how to use this amazing and innovative machine.

- 24967
Live from the Houston Quilt Market and Festival - 2011
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1 Houston Quilt Show 2011

Check out these great glimpses into the Houston Quilt Show. Linda V. Taylor and Vicki Anderson (CEO of Machine Quilting Unlimited) interview various quilt artists, innovators, and teachers.

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Kim Brunner - Longarm teacher, artist and author!
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1 Preview Machine Quilting For Beginners

Watch this create preview of Kim Brunner's "Machine Quilting for Beginners"!

Successful machine quilting consists of more than just putting pretty designs on a quilt. The finished quilt must be flat and square, have evenly balanced quilting throughout and, most of all, the quilter should enjoy the quilting process...
4.81 (26 votes) 9314

Linda Taylor

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1 Human Interest - Jason Hartley - Serving in Iraq

Linda shares an interview with Jason Hartley, a special friend and his experience of his service in Iraq.  His family shares their feelings and Linda quilts a quilt for Jason thanking him for his service to our country.

4.90 (20 votes) 5849
2 Linda's Inspirations Series

Join Linda Taylor in this inspirational series of videos on longarm quilting.

- 56684
3 Linda's Longarm Quilting - Season 4

Creativity and inspiration in longarm quilting continues with the 4th season of Linda V. Taylor's hallmark video series - Linda's Longarm Quilting.

We have had a truly enjoyable time with you this season. We have learned so much and got to know many talented quilters. We hope you have been as inspired as we have.  

Be sure to watch for my next season of Linda's Longarm Quilting on TheQuiltingSchool.com and look for all of Linda's seasons on DVD, as well! In season 5, we will continue to broaden our vision of quilting and learn more about many talented quilters. Please visit Linda's blog and share your quilting inspirations, experiences, and ideas!

- 30437
4 Linda's Story

iPad Compatible VideosFREEGet some tissues and get comfortable!  Linda Taylor tells her inspirational story of getting in to longarm quilting.  This will inspire you as you learn about Linda's journey in purchasing her longarm machine.

4.92 (53 votes) 3977
5 Linda's Tips and Tricks

Linda shares tips and tricks using templates and demonstrates products i.e. Body Rite, Stand Alone Bobbin Winder, Laser Companion, Thread by Design and the Truth About Thread.

- 40203
6 Preview For "Blended Quilts"

This series will cover innovative ideas on combining beautiful freehand techniques with computerized quilting.   Here's a tip on blending your quilts to help overcome mistakes in pattern placement.  Also great tips on SID, turning the quilt and how to make sure your quilt looks the most professional.  This video series is included in our All-Inclusive Membership.

4.78 (23 votes) 4793
7 Preview Linda Taylor's Special Longarm Training Series

Preview many of Linda's subscription based video content.

- 9909

Mzanzi Zulu Quilt Centre

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1 Mzanzi Zulu Humanitarian Efforts

Learn about the worldwide influence of quilters - teaching life skills and gaining an even better appreciation of the human condition through quilting!

4.00 (4 votes) 6619

Quilting With Shar

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1 Introducing Shar Jorgenson and "Inspire By Shar" Series.

Watch Linda Taylor introduce Shar Jorgenson, as they talk a little about Shar's new exclusive series "Inspired By Shar"

- 5809

Patten That Quilt

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1 Patten That Quilt Video Series Preview

Sue Patten has created a brand NEW series of 6 videos: Every Little Bit Counts, Freehand Edge-To-Edge, Plunk'n Play, Spines With Design - Block Class, Spines With Designs - Sashings And Borders, and ZenSuedled in Fabric And Thread! Check out this preview of those videos, and then get over to Sue's site and get your copy today!

- 8810

Aunt Susie's House

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1 Learning About Needle Punch

Susan Davis teaches needle punch.

5.00 (6 votes) 4817
Maintenance Tips
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1 Cause And Effect Exercises

Longarm technical experts Rick Taylor and Todd Fletcher provide exercises, tips and tutorials that are designed to help you maintain and adjust your machine - achieving a better understand of how to get a great stitch. Learning what effects result for your adjustments will help you become your best resource for getting a stitch you can be proud of.

- 19624
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1 iPatternStudio Overview & Tutorials

iPatternStudio is a pattern catalog and marketplace developed by our sister company Creative Designer Lines Wyoming. Check out videos on how it works. To learn more visit www.ipatternstudio.com. To purchase it visit www.creativedlw.com!

- 6567
Help 4 Neck Pain
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1 Selfcare for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Experts Thad Chandler and Nathan Olsen show a few exercises you can have your partner perform on you to relieve neck pain. 

- 5950

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1 National Quilting Association

Linda discusses what Judges look for in quilts, and she announces Quilter's day! Check out these free videos now!

- 13908

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